Lake Merritt - Oakland, CaliforniaWe are a City of Oakland social equity company.

The social equity program was put in place to help counter some of the damage done by over-policing and racial profiling in our city, and as such, our company is also commited to give back to the community and further the social equity agenda in place.

Oak Town Equity offers mentoring to small businesses and equity operators around business, brand, and product development. We hope to have a positive impact in the Cannabis industry, and are commited to ethical practices.

Our company is a micro-business operating under a C-12 license.

Our activities include:
Operating a delivery service in Oakland, California. Check out our delivery menu: BUDS OUT - Bay Area Cannabis Delivery
We will be manufacturing products under our own brands - more to come on that.
We also offer packaging and distribution services to cultivators and other manufacturers. See Cannabis Distribution Services

Please feel free to contact us.